The threejs package: three.js widgets for R

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The threejs package provides interactive 3D scatterplots and globe plots using three.js and the htmlwidgets package for R. These examples render like normal R plots in RStudio. They also work in R Markdown documents, shiny, and from the R command line.

Short Examples and How-To Vignettes

Gallery of some examples from the package and by users (click to open)

graph.png ego.png doughnut.png spiral.png modis.jpg 1000_genomes_pca.png Graph animation Interactive graph animation globe.png More notes on plotting globes
Examples run best in browsers with WebGL enabled.

Install from CRAN: install.packages("threejs")

Install the development version of the package directly from GitHub with the devtools package: devtools::install_github("bwlewis/rthreejs")